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Taking A Chance

So it's post Labor Day. I'm not wearing white and I'm not going back to school. I am, however, reflecting on my summer 2018 promotional tour, and I thought I'd take the occasion of the changing seasons to show a little gratitude.

It's been a fun summer schedule with a lot of high points, and it ended with a couple of great shows. On August 4th I was at Holland's Art in the Park, and Labor Day weekend I attended the Algonac Art Fair. I had a great time meeting people and discussing my books at both of these events. I enjoy the conversations, and relish the opportunity to share my stories with all who venture into my tent. But what truly humbles me at these shows is when a person comes into my tent who has already read one or more of my books and is returning to tell me how much he enjoyed them, and to ask if I have a new book ready to read.

I appreciate this more than you will ever know, because what it means is this person took a chance on me. My last name isn't Clancy or Rowling, it's Fenzel, and the most likely way that a reader discovers my books is by talking to me at one of my shows. If at the end of our conversation he decides to give my story a go, he's taking a leap of faith. And when he comes back to my table a year or more later to tell me how much he, or his wife, or son, or daughter, or father, loved the story it makes me feel like I've done something right. Like the hours and days I spent crafting and writing the story were all worth it because I succeeded in entertaining him, or her, with the tale, and perhaps even struck an emotional chord with them in some way. To me that is the ultimate goal of writing, taking a world that exists only in my mind and sharing it with another person such that he or she feels they've briefly lived in that world as well.

So to all who came back, and to all who are taking that first chance on my writing, I say thank you. And I hope to continue sharing worlds with you in the future.

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